How you'll transform your production process

  • Discover my system for completing any track in only 60 minutes

  • Follow my tried and tested, hyper efficient arrangement process to skyrocket your results faster than any YouTube video will ever teach you

  • Learn the simple system to take your tracks from 90% to 100% finished

What students say about Guy

“It's been great working with Guy. Our sessions are eye-openingly productive. I've learnt tips and techniques in context with my own music that you cannot get from watching hours of youtube. It's invaluable to me to have someone of Guy's experience providing input and insight into my songs - it's improved them no doubt and also built my confidence overall in my approach to music making.”

Rob Lord

“When I had the opportunity to share my music with Gyu and receive his constructive feedback, it was a revelation. It felt like my music had transitioned from being a mere idea in my head to something meant for others to experience. Gyu's feedback not only made me aware of areas that needed improvement but also broadened my perspective and heightened my sensitivity to the changes necessary for my music to resonate with a wider audience. I wholeheartedly recommend engaging in feedback sessions with Gyu.”

Matthew Campanile

“As an amateur, the one-to-one sessions with Gyu have proved a fascinating and extremely effective learning forum. Gyu provides highly personalised tutorials on my own projects, quickly identifying areas for improvement and applying techniques and tips directly during the session, covering areas including mixing, layering and arrangement. Everything is fully explained with insights around the observed improvements on individual tracks and the production overall. This is a major motivational step for me in terms of applying production-level knowledge and experience as I progress.”

Paul McMullan

“Having never seen or used a DAW before I would be considered as much of a beginner as you can get. I booked 5 hour long sessions. Fast forward the 5 weeks and I am making full tracks. The overwhelming feeling when first approaching Ableton is gone and all that is left is excitement about the potential it has to offer. Guy offered some additional help regarding my setup via email as he is very accommodating and knowledgeable. Would recommend to anyone that is looking for help with Ableton or their studio in general.”


Here's What You'll Learn

In only 60 minutes


    Use one of your own Work In Progress tunes or my demo project to follow along in real time. Fill out your arrangement, add interest with fills and FX and keep the momentum going with percussion loops.


    I've taken my 20 plus years of experience and created an efficient system for taking tracks from a group of short loops to a completed track every time.


    Learn simple but powerful techniques to get past stumbling blocks that stop you getting the results you want - finished tracks that sound great.

BONUS: Free Track arrangement checklist + Demo Project with extra samples

Get a step-by-step checklist to ensure that you know exactly how to finish your tracks EVERY TIME. Plus complete track samples for my track Dawn Rain + extra percussion and FX sounds.

Money Back Guarantee

Not what you expected? No worries, request a refund within the first 30 days, and I’ll promptly return your money.

Everything You’ll Receive

  • Access to the 60 minute workshop

  • Lifetime access to the recording

  • Access to exclusive post Live call Q and A

  • Track Arrangement Checklist

  • Demo Track 'Dawn Rain' available as an Ableton Project file and as samples for use in any DAW

  • Bonus FX and Percussion Samples

  • An interactive, follow-along session in which you'll take your track to full completion with me

Who Is This For?

✅ Beginner-intermediate producers: If you find yourself stuck on creating loops without turning them into complete tracks, this workshop is designed for you.

✅ Struggling Creatives: If you've got a hard drive full of unfinished projects, and it's sapping your motivation, this course is for you.

✅ Time-Constrained Producers: If you're juggling music production with a job or school and want a streamlined process for finishing tracks, this is for you.

✅ Serious About Improvement: If you're committed to leveling up your skills, and not just looking for a quick fix, this course is for you.

Who Is This Not For?

❌ Advanced Producers: If you're already comfortable with your workflow and have no issues completing tracks, this workshop might cover ground you're familiar with.

❌ Non-Electronic Musicians: This workshop is specifically tailored for electronic music producers; those focused on other genres might not find it as beneficial.

Everything you need to know how to complete any track FAST

Get access to the 60 minute interactive video, the samples and the checklist


  • Will I get access to the recording

    Yes, once the live event ends the recording will be added to the video portal and you'll get life time access.

  • Can I get a refund?

    If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase then we'll refund you so long as you ask for it within 30 days of your purchase.

  • What time is the live workshop?

    The live workshop is at 7:00pm GMT on the 13th of November. Please use Google to work out what the time is in your own location.

  • Can I use any DAW?

    Yes. Although Ableton Live will be used to demonstrate, the production techniques shown can be done in any DAW.

  • Do I need to prepare anything for the workshop?

    Ideally yes, please bring a track that you're working on that is a loop with all the main elements (Drums, Bass, Lead etc) but that hasn't been sequenced out. You can then complete the track in the workshop.

  • What if I don't have a track of my own to bring?

    Don't worry! You'll be provided with the samples that will be used in the workshop so you can use those. You can then use those samples in any way you want. Maybe do a remix!

Everything you need to know how to complete any track FAST

Get access to the 60 minute interactive video, the samples and the checklist